«И нет Силы там, где нет простоты, добра и правды»
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Victor Dubcek's

     "There are books which stories retold sound like feverish drivel. Dark Lord Darth Vader arrives on Earth 1941 on the Imperial cruiser? Joseph Stalin forms an alliance with Darth Vader?? Imperial stormtroopers with Red Army heroically fighting against the soldiers of the Wehrmacht??? This plot has the 99.9% chance of being some monstrous graphomania. And only one hundredth percent to be thin, but very thin ice, parody for the books about " meeting with Stalin" and science fiction in the spirit of Star Wars. But the most amazing thing is that at some point this provocative ironic burlesque, balancing on the edge between farce and trash becomes more than just a parody. and the author, without changing facial expressions, begins to talk about serious things...
     As you know, Russia has two options - either we fix everything ourselves, or wait for some aliens to help. Surprisingly, the most surrealistic option is the first one. So, the Dubcek's book isn't a fantasy, fantasy is what our past was. But maybe it will help make our future better."

Sergey Lukyanenko

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